What we're about

Scour is a new AI-assisted search engine for the cloud that combines search, knowledge extraction and knowledge discovery to make everyone into a search genius.

Scour is designed for knowledge-intensive individuals, teams and enterprises that have large, constantly changing, multi-source, multi-silo collections of unstructured and structured data they need to integrate, organize and search on an ongoing basis.

Searching across fragmented silos of disparate data is time-consuming and difficult - especially when many different parties are contributing to the information in many places. As data sets become more fragmented across more silos, it becomes harder to know where to search, what to search for, and how to search for it. Scour eliminates these barriers by integrating data sources into a single normalized and extremely portable data model, with a unified index and search interface.

Scour applies artificial intelligence to proactively help users find what they need across multiple different locations and applications -- It eliminates the need for users to think about where to search, or how to formulate the query. Using simple point-and-click interfaces it interactively guides users to what they want, wherever it is.

Scour understands the concepts within documents as well as how they are related, and semantically interconnected, across multiple dimensions. Using this understanding, it provides a constantly evolving view of what is available “over the horizon,” as a user refines their search. This helps users to discover and home in on what they want, even if they don’t know it is there or how to ask for it initially.

The team behind Scour has decades of experience designing major search engines, knowledge management systems, and intelligence monitoring applications for DARPA, US government agencies, and Fortune 100 corporations. Scour brings all this experience together into the most cutting-edge AI-assisted search and knowledge discovery tool available today. 


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Nova Spivack
Co-Founder & CEO
Oliver Eberle
Co-Founder & CTO
Robert Jacobson
Business Development